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We’re not gardeners, we’re lawn treatment experts!

We’ve nothing against gardeners, in fact if you have a gardener we’ll happily work with them, advising them on how we can work hand-in-hand to make your lawn look amazing.

But just in case you came to this site looking for a gardener, We grow, you mow… is our motto, we won’t cut your grass or weed your borders. We specialise in treating your lawn so it looks the best it ever has! We’ll then return on a regular basis to maintain the health of your now beautiful lawn, so that it’s looking at its absolute best, whatever time of year.

Using our services can actually save you money as you won’t waste money and time purchasing and incorrectly using the wrong products, putting the treatment of your lawns back months, even years!

We offer many services which will all be covered when you book your FREE, bespoke lawn assessment but they mainly fall into these 4 categories:

Lawn pest and disease control– From diseases you probably know about like Red Thread to many that you probably don’t! We’ll treat them, then more importantly, make sure they stay away!Lawn Aeration– If your lawns suffer from compaction and patches of moss. It’ll make sure all the water, air and nutrients get through to the soil and your lawn’s roots.Scarification– We’ll get rid of all the dead organic matter that creates the perfect environment for moss to grow.Lawn Feeding– After making sure the soil is in the best condition and the current lawn is now disease and pest free, it’s now time to feed the lawn to make it flourish.

Contact us today and I’ll be happy to visit you and provide a FREE, bespoke lawn care assessment, plus advise on which of our professional treatments will bring out the best in your lawn.

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